Todd Hardee Obituary, Coroner Identifies 21-year-old Victim in Deadly Darlington County Shooting

Todd Hardee Obituary, Death – After receiving a call regarding a fatal shooting that had taken place earlier that day, members of law enforcement arrived to the scene of the incident on Monday afternoon. The victim had been wounded by a gunshot to the body. The incidence that took place earlier in the day was the topic of discussion during the phone call that took place earlier in the day. When they arrived at the site, they discovered that the victim had already been shot, and there was nothing they could do to save them. The officers of the police department who responded to the call and went to investigate saw the body of the deceased person lying in the middle of the road when they arrived at the scene.

According to the statements provided by the deputies who responded to the scene, the fatal shooting occurred on Jamestown Avenue, which is located in the Darlington area and can be reached via the Billy Farrow Highway. The statements were made by the deputies who were present when they responded to the scene. This location is where the shooting took place, as stated by the information provided by the deputies, who were present at the scene. According to the findings of the investigation that was conducted by the Darlington County Coroner, J Todd Hardee, it was determined that the victim of the shooting that ultimately led to his death was 21-year-old Davion Jaheem Hough.

This information was gleaned from the investigation that was conducted. The Darlington County Coroner was the one in charge of conducting the inquiry. This conclusion was reached as a consequence of the findings that were obtained from conducting the research for the study. J. Todd Hardee was given the responsibility of directing the investigation into the incident that was being looked into. It has been requested that agents from the State Law Enforcement Division engage in the investigation so that they will be able to offer assistance with the inquiry. This is because it is expected that the agents will be able to identify those responsible for the crime. As a consequence of this, they will have a much better chance of making useful contributions to the study.