Trenton Lewis Obituary, 31-year-old Father Of Two Dies in Lumber Yard Accident

Trenton Lewis Obituary, Death -With great sadness in our heart we bring the new of the death of Trenton Lewis 31 years old father of two who passed away last week in what appears to have been an industrial accident at a lumber yard in Georgia. The incident took place in the state. The results of the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office indicate that Trenton Lewis passed away on Wednesday as a direct result of an accident that took place at Battle Lumber. These findings were presented by the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office was the one that shared this information with us. According to a statement that was distributed by the corporation, Lewis had worked for the company for somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years, which would qualify him as a veteran employee.

The Battle Lumber Company issued the following statement in response to the passing of one of its employees: “At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family as the Battle Lumber Company family mourns this loss as well.” Lewis’s contemporaries would witness to the fact that he was a wonderful parent who went to extraordinary lengths to provide for his family. According to Lewis’s coworkers, he was allegedly trapped in a machine at the mill and pallet firm; however, the authorities were unable to provide evidence to support this claim, as reported by WRDW. Lewis was employed at the mill as well as the pallet firm.

Nevertheless, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab is the one that will make the definitive decision regarding whether or not it was an accident. However, the determination of whether or not it was an accident will be made by the crime lab. Officials have stated that it appeared to be an accident; however, the crime lab will make the final decision. According to the medical examiner who oversaw the investigation, there was a backlog of cases that needed to be processed at the time, which prevented the transmission of his remains to the laboratory.