Tyler Rosenthal Obituary, 21-year-old Victim Identified in Fatal Head-on Crash in Benton County

Tyler Rosenthal Obituary, Death – It has been confirmed that the person who passed away as a direct result of the incident had the name Tyler J. Rosenthal, and he was 21 years old at the time of his death. His age was determined as a direct result of the incident. Due to the fact that it was a head-on collision, the accident that took place on December 11 in Benton County resulted in the death of one person and severe injuries to another. Both victims were sent to the hospital in critical condition. The two victims were together in the same vehicle at the time of the accident. At approximately 6:20 in the evening, a significant number of law enforcement officers from a wide variety of agencies converged on the scene of the incident, which was located at the intersection of 14th Avenue and U.S. Route 30.

The officers were there to investigate a report of a vehicle crash that had taken place at the intersection. A Honda CRV and a semi-truck were involved in a collision that occurred at a rapid rate of speed and involved a head-on collision. The two vehicles were involved in a collision with one another. The Honda CRV was heading in the opposite direction, in the direction of the eastbound lanes, when the collision took place, which is why it was hit from behind. Despite this fact, it was nevertheless involved in the incident. The moment that both automobiles went off the road and into the ditch that was situated to the south of the roadway, a complete stop ensued.

After the accident, the victim was sent to the office of the state medical examiner, whilst the truck driver was able to walk away from the collision without suffering any injuries. Following the incident, the victim was transported to the facility where state medical examiners are housed. At this time, members of the general public do not know the identity of the individual who was killed as a result of the fact that they have not been told of this information.