Werner Oellering Obituary, Committee For Miners Rest Mourns Werner Oellering’s Death

Werner Oellering Obituary, Committee For Miners Rest Mourns Werner Oellering's Death

Werner Oellering Obituary, Death – On December 11, Werner Oellering died away in a calm and peaceful manner, and his wife Marilyn was by his side when he did so. The date of his passing was December 11. It is with great regret that we have to deliver this information to you at this time.
Werner has been a treasured member of our community for a number of decades, and in that time he has contributed a great deal to the development and progress that has taken place here. The following is a rundown of few of Werner’s accomplishments, some of which you may be able to spot throughout town even to this day:
The Miners Rest Primary School recently installed some brand new signage throughout the building.

Community notice board and lectern at Mount Blowhard Primary School * Wooden frame work and dedications at the Miners Rest Mechanics Institute (community hall) * Previous President and Secretary of CFMR and key member to this committees foundation * Senior of the Year Award (Ballarat) * Chief in charge of the Miners Rest Newspaper * Key organizer of the Miners Rest Family Fun Day in the park * Community Representative at the CVLX panel hearing, council meetings * Community notice board and lectern Previous President and Secretary of Werner was always present in the community in a low-key manner, providing assistance, making repairs, or pushing for our collective improvement, the vast majority of the time without drawing attention to himself.

He offered assistance, made repairs, or pushed for our collective improvement. He was a very modest man who never sought attention for himself, but he had the greatest and kindest heart of anyone who wanted to assist others. Everyone who had the honor of calling him a friend and colleague will mourn his passing deeply, and so will our community, which will be eternally thankful to him for the relentless efforts and unflinching dedication he showed throughout his life. It is without a doubt the case that someone who possesses Werner’s level of intelligence and life experience will never be equaled by another. Our thoughts and prayers are with Werner’s family during this extremely difficult time. Our thoughts are with Marilyn, Werner’s wife; daughters Britt, Amy, and Kim; sons-in-law Matthew, Ashley, and Gerrad; and Werner’s five grandchildren. We are sad to hear of the passing of a dear one in your family.