Alex Duchart Obituary, Southend United Ex-Players Association – SUEPA mourn the passing of Alex Duchart

Alex Duchart Obituary, Death – After a brief battle with the sickness, Alex Duchart, a senior member of our organization who was 89 years old and had been battling illness for a little bit of time, passed away this afternoon. He had been battling illness for a little bit of time. It had only been a short while since he had begun his fight against the sickness. Since he had first begun his fight against the illness, only a short amount of time had gone. At this point, he had been struggling against the condition for a considerable amount of time, and it was beginning to take its toll on him. We were filled with astonishment and hopelessness when we initially learned of the scenario, and it wasn’t until we encountered an enormous amount of resistance that we made the decision to accept it.

We were eventually afforded the chance to spend some quality time with Alex once he started working at SUEPA at the beginning of the summer, which facilitated our ability to become more acquainted with him. During this time, we got the opportunity to spend some high-quality time together with him while also getting to know one another better. During this time, we also had the chance to get together with him. During this time, we were also granted the opportunity to meet up with a few of our long-lost friends, which was a very memorable and heartwarming occasion. We had a nice talk with him during the 1956–1957 season about his time spent playing the game and attending games at Roots Hall during that time period.

The games were being played during that time period. The time that he spent at Roots Hall playing the game as well as witnessing the other games that were being played there was the subject of the chat that took place between the two of us. The competitions were held during the entirety of the aforementioned time span in accordance with the previous description. Because the events he wanted to take part in were planned to occur during that specific window of time, he had to travel to the location where they were in order to be able to take part in those events. In addition, he told us that he was particularly thrilled to receive the match program that we had given to him after his first performance at Roots Hall a few months earlier.

We had given it to him after he had performed there for the first time. After he had delivered his first performance there, we were so impressed with his talent that we decided to offer him this gift. Our company mailed him a copy of this program to get him caught up. He claimed that as a direct result of it, he had been overwhelmed with an incredible quantity of happiness. He indicated that this euphoria had been overwhelming. They wanted to show their appreciation for the performance he gave there a few months earlier, so they mailed him a copy of the program as a thank-you gift. During this difficult time, we would ask that you kindly accept our condolences on behalf of his family as well as the friends and acquaintances he has left behind. Our deepest condolences go out to you on the loss that you have endured. I sincerely hope that you, Alex, are able to find some measure of comfort in the realization that the contributions you made to the team in your role as a Shrimper will never be forgotten. If this is not the case, I want you to know that you have my most sincere condolences.