Alex Lopez Obituary, High school dedicates soccer game to teammates killed in Surprise crash

Alex Lopez Obituary, Death – The match for the boys’ varsity soccer team at Valley Vista High School was forced to be postponed until the following week as a direct result of the sad tragedy that occurred in Surprise on December 7 and resulted in the deaths of two high school students. The squad will play their first game since the passing of two of their teammates on Wednesday night. This will be the first time they have competed since their loss. They will play in Alex Lopez and Fredy Ortega’s honor during this event. Before the game began, there was a moment of silence held in honor of Alex and Fredy before the team took the field. The moment was held before the team took the field. People from the neighborhood came up to both sets of parents with flowers and hugs while they stood there crying while holding images of their children in their hands. In addition, players from the soccer team at Dysart High School showed their support by attending the event.

Marie Gonzalez, the author’s daughter, is currently playing on the varsity girls’ soccer team. Despite the fact that they are an essential part of the team, they are going to show respect for them during this match. She made the remark, “I feel that they are going to play with all of their heart, and that they are going to do their utmost best for them,” which indicates that she has faith that the players would behave in the desired manner. It has been exactly one week since the terrible accident that occurred when the lads were driving home from practice and it is reported that the car they were driving hit with a tree. The police are investigating the incident. Fredy and Alex were both unable to recover from their injuries and passed away as a result; the other two males are still being treated in the hospital at this time. Ana Alvarado, Fredy’s mother, was present for the festivities that took place on Wednesday night.

She said that despite his injuries, Fredy’s brother, who is 15 years old and was also in the car when it collided, is doing OK despite the fact that he was involved in the accident. She added that it has been difficult for the family, and she also mentioned that they have created a GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of the medical care and the funeral. When speaking of Fredy, she often referred to him by the words “He was an angel.” “He was the epitome of what it is to be a good human being: joyful, kind, and giving.”