Amy Miller Obituary Cedarburg WI, Amy Miller passed away in a car accident

Amy Miller Obituary, Death – In relation to the tragic tragedy that took place in Wauwatosa on Tuesday, an update has been made available to the public. Amy Miller, age 40, of Cedarburg, Wisconsin; Paul Woida, age 85, of Milwaukee; and the woman from Milwaukee who was operating the pothole repair vehicle for the Milwaukee Department of Public Works; she was 64 years old. All three of these people were killed in the accident. It has been determined that the people whose names are listed above were those who were killed or injured in the accident. Due to the fact that the medical examiner is “still expecting a positive ID,” as was indicated in the preceding sentence, her name has not yet been made publicly available in an official capacity to the general public as of yet.

A truck ran into nine cars that were stopped at the red light at the intersection of Mayfair Road and Wisconsin Avenue on Tuesday about noon. The cars were waiting at the crossroads because the light was red. Following the incident, the truck was found to have caught fire for an unknown reason. According to the report that was compiled by the ME’s investigation division, witnesses indicated that the driver appeared to be having difficulty a half mile back at the intersection of Watertown Plank. After coming to a halt at a green light, the driver proceeded forward into the intersection even though the light had turned red, which resulted in his colliding with another vehicle. Following that, the motorist continued on Mayfair Road toward the south at a speed of “60-70 miles per hour.”