Aubrey Davis Obituary, Aubrey Davis, Canadian Writer and Master Storyteller has died

Aubrey Davis Obituary, Death – As we inform you of the passing of ISF’s friend, the accomplished Canadian author and storyteller Aubrey Davis, we would like to extend our most sincere sympathies to you and your family. As a direct consequence of his passing away, we are left with a profound sense of loss. When Aubrey was a younger man and backpacking across several places in Europe and North Africa, he was exposed to the art of Idries Shah for the first time. This was a formative experience for Aubrey. During this time, he was also introduced for the very first time to Idries Shah. It was described by him as follows in one of his articles: “[Shah’s] never-ending tales interested, perplexed, and enthralled me.” They helped me see things in a new light and from a perspective that was more modern than the one I had previously held. This was an improvement above what I had previously believed.

When Aubrey initially began telling others about her experience, she did so in a variety of settings, some of which included nursing homes, schools, festivals, libraries, and even jails. He spent almost 17 years working with adolescents in Toronto who were identified as having special needs, and the primary method through which he educated them was by way of the telling of stories. The vast majority of his instruction was conveyed to his students through the medium of illustrative tales. In addition to this, Aubrey worked extensively through the Institute for Cross-cultural Exchange and Books Without Borders to make Shah’s children’s books available to children who are less fortunate in emerging civilizations all over the world. These children’s books are now in circulation. Aubrey was the one who dispersed these books for young readers. This was accomplished with great success. Because of his efforts, a total of a quarter of a million books were given to children’s libraries in Canada as well as in Afghanistan. Aubrey was a prolific novelist in his own right, having written a number of pieces that went on to garner honors, such as “The Enormous Potato” and “Bagels from Benny.

Both of these works were written by Aubrey. Aubrey was also a successful businessman in his own right, which added to his overall success. After he goes away, the only surviving members of his family will be his two daughters and his three grandkids. He will not be able to leave any other relatives behind. After he passes away, Sandra Carpenter-Davis, who possesses the same aptitude for narrating stories, is going to be the one to carry on his legacy.