Barshay Wilson Obituary, Body found near burned car identified by police as missing U of M student

Barshay Wilson Obituary, Death – Multiple sources have stated that the body of Barshay Wilson, the University of Memphis student who went missing the night before his graduation, has been found. Barshay Wilson disappeared the night before he was scheduled to graduate. FOX13 was informed by various independent individuals who are aware with the investigation that on Monday night, the body of Wilson was located buried close to the Arlington Water Treatment Plant. The body was found buried beneath falling leaves and tree limbs. The Memphis Police Department determined on Wednesday, December 14, that the deceased person was identified as Wilson after conducting an autopsy on the individual. A car that had been completely burned up was found only a few yards distant from where the body was found. The Memphis Police Department made the announcement on Tuesday morning that a body had been found on Highway 70 on Monday just before 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The discovery was made on the previous day.

The head of the deceased man was reportedly found to have a gunshot wound to it when the body was found by the police. At this point in time, the investigation is still being carried out. A notice for City Watch was disseminated by the Wilson Police Department during the course of the weekend. According to Wilson’s mother, her son, who is now 25 years old, had mentioned to her that he intended to go to a party on Friday evening. The party was scheduled to take place on Friday. She added that later that evening she received a phone call from a friend who informed her that Wilson had left her house and had not returned. She said that the friend told her that Wilson had not returned. According to what she heard from her acquaintance, Wilson was still missing. According to the friend, Wilson just spent fifteen minutes with her before leaving to take a phone call. Prior to that, he was with her. He walked to the front door to get it and brought it back inside.

The friend stated that when she looked outside for him a short while later, there was a car parked outside; nevertheless, she noted that he could not be seen anywhere. The friend reported that although the automobile was parked outside, he could not be found anywhere. After that, the friend used the application “Find My iPhone” to try to locate him, but they were unsuccessful in their search. Wilson was due to graduate with his Bachelor of Science on Sunday, but he did not show up to the ceremony to receive his diploma. As a direct consequence of this, his friends, family, and fellow students were worried about him.