Caseymae Smith Obituary, Caseymae Smith killed in Ruffin Road shooting

A second victim who was shot in South Richmond as a consequence of the incidents that took place in South Richmond as a consequence of the shootings that took place on Friday has been identified by the Richmond Police Department. These incidents took place as a consequence of the shootings that took place on Friday. The gunshots that took place on Friday were the direct cause of these subsequent instances, which took occurred as a direct consequence of those shootings. According to a statement that was released by the police on Wednesday, Caseymae Smith, who is 19 years old and a resident of Richmond, was reportedly shot. The statement was made public by the police. Investigators are investigating into the potential that this incident may have some connection to the homicide of DeAndre Broidy, who was also a resident of Richmond and was 22 years old.

Broidy was also a victim of a shooting. DeAndre Broidy was another person who was killed as a result of a homicide. Someone in the community in the 2200 block of Ruffin Road called the police to report hearing gunfire for the very first time at two minutes and seven seconds past two in the afternoon. Near the 5600 block of Warwick Road, responding officials found one person, subsequently determined to be Broidy, who was suffering from a gunshot wound. Broidy’s identity was later determined. It was reported that officers who responded to the request for assistance were able to find Broidy. At the time of the incident, someone was attempting to transfer Broidy to the hospital after he was shot while he was riding on Ruffin. Broidy was riding on Ruffin at the time of the shooting. After conducting their investigation into the matter in question, the investigators who looked into it reached this verdict as a result of their work.

After that, emergency personnel transported him to the hospital, but he did not make it through his stay there. He passed away. He had to be carried there since his condition was so serious. It was too late; he had passed away before anyone could help. At around 7:02 p.m., when the police were called to the 2400 block of Ruffin Road in response to reports of gunfire, Smith was discovered to be suffering from a gunshot wound. Smith was found to be suffering from a gunshot wound. Smith was discovered to be suffering from a gunshot wound when officers checked on his wellbeing and discovered that he had been shot. According to the testimonies that were made by the police, she was discovered to be dead in the location where the event took place, and as a result, that location was designated as the location where she passed away.