Dave Newton Obituary, A Legend of Newsome Panthers Has Died

Dave Newton Obituary, Death – Dave Newton, 83, a legend of Newsome Panthers has sadly and unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Dave was a beloved character throughout the Newsome Panthers’ existence. Dave volunteered countless hours to the Panthers, doing everything from trimming the fields and painting the pitch lines to keeping the locker rooms and playing fields clean. He has been a member of the Panthers organization since the franchise’s inception. No matter how frequently it happened, he always blamed the drink, even if they were only slightly off-kilter on occasion. There is not a single positive experience associated with Dave.

Dave was never seen without a hip flask in his possession, which was especially noticeable on game days. When it was brutally cold outside and we were playing rugby, we would occasionally complain about the weather, and Dave would bring out his flask and say, “here, this will warm you up.” You’d be on your way after only a small bite of the dish. Dave was obviously incredibly proud of all of his grandchildren since he never stopped talking about them and bragging about them. Dom Newton’s achievement is especially noteworthy because he was able to secure a contract to play professional rugby with Oldham. Dave was able to see Dom compete in a professional game, and it was clear from the way he spoke about the event that he was quite proud of Dom’s success.

This is a devastating day for the Newsome Panthers and the Newton family, particularly his wife Veronica and his two sons Steve and Mick. Today is likewise a bad day for the Newsome Panthers. We know how much everyone loved and cared for Dave, and we want you to know that we are thinking about you all and sending our heartfelt condolences during this terrible time. We are confident that Dave’s legacy will live on; he was a fascinating person, and we cannot express how grateful we are for the time and work you put into founding and sustaining this club after he passed away. We are confident that Dave’s legacy will continue. Dave, you were the embodiment of everything excellent about the Newsome Panthers, and you will be sorely missed, old pal. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for the Newsome Panthers.