Donald L. Kunselman Obituary, Donald L. Kunselman has passed away unexpectedly

Donald L. Kunselman Obituary, Death – Donald L. Kunselman, who was 77 years old and lived in Tionesta, Pennsylvania, passed away on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 within the city of Tionesta. It is with great regret that we must inform you of this news. We are very sorry to break the news to you. The 14th of December was the date he passed away. Before he was born on December 16, 1944 in La Junta, Colorado, both of his parents, William “Jack” and Marjorie (Goff) Kunselman, had passed away. His birth took place in the year 1944. William “Jack” and Marjorie (Goff) Kunselman were his parents, and he was their son. Don’s primary source of revenue came from his profession as an owner-operator truck driver who transported items around the country. He did this business all over the United States.

After working for JM Leasing Company in Clarion, Pennsylvania, he moved on to work for Klapec Trucking Company in Reno, Pennsylvania, where he remained employed until the time of his retirement. After working for JM Leasing Company in Clarion, Pennsylvania, he moved on to work for Klapec Trucking Company in Reno, Pennsylvania. During his time as a volunteer with the Tionesta Fire Department, he was promoted to the positions of Fire Policeman and Forest County Fire Warden; however, he is no longer active with either of those organizations because he has retired. He participated in the activities that were held by the Venango County Fire Police Association, of which he was a member, because those activities were held. In addition to that, during his former employment, he drove a tow truck for Frank’s Auto, and that was a part of his responsibilities there. Richard D. “Rick” Kunselman and his wife M. Carmen, who both currently live in Fort Worth, Texas, are the only members of the family who have survived through life. Both of them today work in the medical field.

Both of the aunts have a relative who falls under the “niece” or “nephew” category. As a result of recent occurrences, Don embarked on the arduous trek to Fort Worth, Texas, where he would stay for the greater part of a month so that he could be closer to his brother. The general public will not be permitted to come in for any kind of visit in the future. Every service that is performed has an obligation to maintain the highest possible levels of discretion. The wake and burial will be held at the Riverside Cemetery in Tionesta on the day of the funeral. At this time, the Norman J. Wimer Funeral Home in Tionesta is responsible for making the necessary preparations in order to ensure a dignified funeral service for the deceased.