Donnie Gregory Obituary, Founder of Horror Maniacs Has Died

Donnie Gregory Obituary, Death – Donnie Gregory of Louisville, Kentucky┬áhas passed away on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. Donnie was the founder and CEO of Horror Maniacs. He was Promoter and Entrepreneur. Donnie Gregory’s death news was confirmed through a social media post; Today we were given the tragic news that one of our own had passed away at an excessively early age. This is a loss that we will carry with us forever. It has come to our attention that Donnie Gregory, the man behind the creation of Horror Maniacs, has passed away. Donnie passed last night. It is impossible for us to believe that. To each and every one of us, there is a very particular and special place in our hearts reserved for Donnie.

Donnie and his son Shawn were regulars at a number of the events that we’ve hosted in the past, and they both took part in the activities. They participated in every single one of our Drive-In of Terror events, from the most horrible to the least terrifying ones. Donnie was a strong fan of the horror genre and an enormous supporter of both our organization and all of the activities that took place locally and regionally. He will be greatly missed by all of us. Additionally, he was a significant backer of the horror conventions that were held at the time. It was his first experience with a romantic love relationship.

Donnie went through a rough patch at the beginning of his life, but he eventually recovered his footing and went on to become a shining example of success. When we last spoke, it seemed like only yesterday that we were discussing the years to come. I want and pray that you are finally at peace now, my friend, and that you are reunited in the hereafter with all of your favorite horror icons, as well as your family and friends. I hope and pray that you are finally at peace now. You are not going to be overlooked at any point in time. A memorial for Donnie is planned to take place during the concert that comes after this one.