Dwaine Kirksey Obituary, Dwaine Kirksey has passed away unexpectedly

Dwaine Kirksey Obituary, Death – Yesterday evening, my older brother, Dwaine Kirksey, was taken from this world in an unexpected manner. There is no information available regarding the events that led to his passing. We have endured severe losses, and we are unable to even begin to fathom what has transpired with regards to our company. Just doesn’t appear genuine. We ask that you continue to pray for our family, especially for his wife Elaine while she is going through this trying time, and we thank you in advance for doing so. When it came to giving me a name, Dwaine was, you guessed it, involved in the decision-making process. Dwaine chose to honor his high school sweetheart and future wife by bestowing upon me the name “Elaine” as my middle name. Dwaine married his high school sweetheart after they graduated from high school. My father came up with the idea for my first name, but Dwaine was the one who actually named me.

When I was born, Dwaine had already graduated from high school and was an adult because he had finished his final year before I was born. Big Brother, you are in my thoughts and prayers always, and please know how much I will miss you. He would repeat this phrase over and over, making sure to sign off all of his messages and phone calls to his sister with “I love you, Little Sister.” I LOVE YOU, BIG BROTHER, AND YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED. Today, I have made it a point to consistently remind myself of how many members of our family who went away before us were pleased to be reunited with him. This is something that I have made it a point to do every day. I believe that doing this will assist in making me feel more connected to them. He has suffered from a variety of conditions over the course of his life, but he has been successful in overcoming each one of them. As a result, he is now in excellent health and has no reasons to complain about his well-being.

Elaine and her sister Pat have both been put through a tremendous degree of mental and emotional agony as a direct result of the conditions that have been presented to them. The husbands of both of them passed died earlier in the week, with Pat’s husband passing away just one day before Dwaine’s husband did. Both of them are now widowed. Everything just strikes me as extremely weird. I would ask that you pray for the two of them through this difficult period that they are going through. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. I am well conscious of the fact that the days that are still to come will be loaded with a variety of obstacles to overcome.