Emma Jones Obituary, Hiseville, Emma Jones Has Passed Away

Emma Jones Obituary, Death – Emma Lou Jones passed away on December 14, 2022, at the age of 104 years old. She had spent her entire life in the Hiseville community of Tennessee, where she was born and raised. She had been treated at the Signature Healthcare facility in Horse Cave at one point. The same day that she arrived, she was checked in at the facility where she was staying. Her birth took place in Wilson County in the state of Tennessee, and by the time she was born, both of her parents, Theophilus Tomlinson and Emma Lou Stevens Tomlinson had already passed away. Wilson County is located in the state of Tennessee. Her home state was Tennessee when she was born.

Her mother gave birth to her in the state of Tennessee there in the United States. In addition to being a member of the Hiseville Baptist Church, which she attended on a consistent basis, she also worked as a farmwife and maintained her home.  J. Terry Jones is the only member of the Jones family to have ever been born, and he was brought up in Hiseville. His name is J. Terry Jones. Hiseville is also the location of the author’s niece and her husband, both of whom share the name William Jones and are married to a woman named Diana. Margaret Rose Ligon is the name that is used by a niece who lives in the town of Lebanon, Tennessee, in the state of Tennessee. There is a sister-in-law who resides in the metropolitan area of Louisville, which is located within the state of Kentucky. In addition, there are five great nephews in the family.

Her maternal and maternal grandparents, as well as both of her parents, as well as her husband James Terry “J.T.” Jones, and one of her nephews, Robert Jones, all, passed away before she did. Her paternal and maternal grandparents were also among those who preceded her in death. In addition to her parents, she was already deceased when she and her husband first got married. Her husband had passed away. Unfortunately, he passed away prior to their wedding.