Jani Bostic Obituary, Jani Bostic has passed away unexpectedly

Jani Bostic Obituary, death – The death of a woman who had been shot in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon and was originally from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, was made public on Wednesday afternoon after it was announced by Terry Houck, the district attorney for Northampton County in Pennsylvania. Houck made the announcement in the afternoon. The victim was a woman in her 21st year who had been shot. On a Saturday afternoon, the shooting took place in the town of Bethlehem. The individual who died was a female. Bethlehem was the location of the unfortunate event that ultimately resulted in the woman’s death away. It was the location where the terrible occurrence took place. Jani Bostic was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital for treatment after being shot in the head just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon while she was sitting in the driver’s seat of her blue Kia Forte in the 1200 block of Butztown Road, according to Houck.

The incident took place while Jani Bostic was reportedly driving her vehicle in the 1200 block of Butztown Road. It has been stated that the incident took place while Bostic was operating her vehicle in the 1200 block of Butztown Road. The occurrence took place on the 1200 block of Butztown Road, which is also the location that Bostic was at at the time the incident took place. When the event was taking place, she was in the midst of her journey on Butztown Road. It took place as she was going. The incident that was described took place on Butztown Road, specifically in the 1200 block, as indicated by the number that has been given for the block. The location of the event can be found on Butztown Road. She was declared dead at exactly 1:03 p.m. on Wednesday at the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg in Bethlehem, according to Houck, who was there at the hospital when the proclamation of death was issued.

Houck was present at the hospital when the proclamation of death was proclaimed. Houck, who was there at the hospital at the time the death was announced, is the source of this information. He witnessed the announcement. Daniel A. Buglio, the coroner for Lehigh County, came to the judgment that a gunshot wound to the body was the cause of death and that the manner in which Bostic died was determined to be a homicide. He also came to the decision that the cause of death was a homicide. Additionally, he came to the conclusion that Bostic’s death was the result of a homicidal act on someone’s part. He indicated that the subject had a gunshot wound to the body, and that this wound was the cause of death of the person. In addition to this, he presented the idea that Bostic’s death was the direct result of a premeditated act of violence. On Friday, an autopsy will be performed on the deceased person, which will be followed by an examination of the body. Both of these procedures will take place. According to Houck, the charge of first-degree murder will be added to the charge of attempted homicide that was previously brought against Marquis Watkins, who resides in the 800 block of Linden Street in the city of Bethlehem. Watkins was accused of stabbing another individual in an attempt to kill them. Watkins is suspected of attempting to kill another individual while stabbing them in the head with a knife, which led to the second victim. Watkins is a native of Bethlehem and currently resides on the 800 block of Linden Street. You may find him there.