Julie Harding Obituary, CHP captain found dead in Tennessee after husband is killed in Kentucky

Julie Harding Obituary,  Death – According to the police reports obtained by The Times, a California Highway Patrol captain who was on leave in Tennessee was discovered dead of a gunshot wound days after an arrest in the fatal shooting of her husband in Kentucky and her own arrest on suspicion of trespassing at his girlfriend’s house. The husband was shot and killed in Kentucky. Sgt. Jeremy Wayland, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol, stated that the body of Julie Harding, 49, was discovered on Saturday inside a home in a remote region close to the Kentucky state line. Her passing came just two days after a guy from Napa, California, was detained in connection with the killing of her husband, Michael Harding, who was 53 years old and had been missing since October. The death of Julie Harding is being investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, although officials have stated that they do not suspect any foul play in connection with her passing.

A source who is familiar with the investigation that is being conducted in Kentucky and who was not authorized to speak publicly about the death of Michael Harding stated that investigators are focusing on determining whether or not the man from Napa was involved in a murder-for-hire plot that was connected to the CHP commander. According to Wayland, Julie Harding, who had a total of 22 years of service with the CHP, has been in charge of the department’s Yuba-Sutter office since 2018. He was unable to provide any information regarding the length of time that Harding had been on leave; however, officials stated that she and her husband had property in Tennessee, which is where Harding was currently residing. According to a sheriff’s spokeswoman, Harding was booked into the Rutherford County, Tennessee, jail on the suspicion of criminal trespassing two days before she passed away. The Rutherford County, Tennessee, jail is approximately 100 miles away from the home in the city of Celina where her body was discovered.

The Hardings were going through a divorce at the time, and the CHP captain had been harassing her husband’s girlfriend, whose name was Natasha Davis, according to the allegations that were filed with the police. Davis reported to the authorities that Harding had illegally entered her property in October and attempted to get the dog that belonged to the Hardings but was being cared for by Davis. On September 18th, it was discovered that Michael Harding had not returned to his house in Celina. It was not immediately obvious who had made the report on the missing person. According to police pleas to the public for assistance in finding him, his last known whereabouts was in Kentucky, more specifically in the Cumberland County region. According to the officials, his body was found on September 26 in a residence in Cumberland County that was vacant and was being sold. According to the office of the county coroner, he had been shot numerous times before his death.

According to State Police Trooper 1st Class Jonathan Houk, the Kentucky authorities have asked for assistance in the investigation from the authorities in the states of Tennessee and California, as well as the FBI. According to Houk, Thomas Francis O’Donnell, who resides in Napa, was apprehended on Thursday at Sacramento International Airport after being named as a suspect in the killing of Michael Harding. According to the detention documents, O’Donnell, who is 60 years old, is being held without bond pending extradition to Kentucky. The investigation into the killings of the Hardings is still ongoing, but the police have already provided details about a troubling relationship that existed between the CHP captain and Davis. According to the reports filed by the Tennessee police, Davis stated that he was afraid of Julie because Michael had been shot in the head. Julie Harding was captured on a Ring camera entering Davis’ home without consent to steal a dog named Charlie, which belonged to the Hardings, two weeks after the death of Michael Harding was recovered, according to the police documents. The Ring camera was installed in Davis’ home.

According to a report that was filed in Tennessee in order to get a warrant for Harding’s arrest, Davis told police that she had indicated she would hand over the dog at a police station; however, on October 10, Harding opened her front door and grabbed the dog by its collar and took him. The report was filed in order to get a warrant for Harding’s arrest. After three days had passed, Davis went to the authorities to report that someone had hacked into her Netflix account. Davis stated that one of the profiles had been changed to show her name next to an image of a monkey, and that the “second profile was titled Julie with a picture of an angry princess.”