Kanida Phanthourath Obituary, Coroner Identifies Pedestrian Killed in Springfield Deadly Crash

Kanida Phanthourath Obituary, Death – The Sangamon County Coroner has made public the identify of the pedestrian who was run over and killed by a car the day before, and who finally passed on the following day. This information was released by the Sangamon County Coroner. The day before, a vehicle ran over and killed a pedestrian who was walking in the street. The event took happened the day before, on the day before that, and the day before that. The deceased person was found to have been the individual who was known as Kanida Phanthourath, according to the findings of the coroner, Jim Allmon. Phanthourath had 33 years of experience and was a native of Springfield, Massachusetts.

This was a conclusion that Allmon was able to arrive at. Phanthourath reportedly sustained injuries after being struck by a vehicle on Durkin Drive close to the intersection with Lawrence Avenue, as stated by Allmon. The location of the crossroads can be found within the city of Lawrence. The location of the event is not specified in any way, and there is no information provided about it. After the event, he was transported in an ambulance to the Springfield Memorial Hospital in order to obtain medical attention following the occurrence. After putting up a courageous fight against death, she gave up the fight and passed away at that spot on Wednesday morning, just a few minutes before 6 o’clock.

The findings of an autopsy that was carried out on Phanthourath on Thursday morning revealed that the woman suffered severe injuries as a consequence of blunt force as a result of the accident, which ultimately led to her passing death. These injuries were the result of the accident that occurred earlier. Her death was brought about as a direct result of these injuries. These wounds were the direct contributory reason that led directly to her passing away away. Allmon and the Springfield Police Department are currently assisting them in their investigation into the tragic chain of circumstances that led up to her death, which Allmon and his team are carrying out together.