Layla Julien Obituary, Minnetonka high school dancer died from brain cancer

Layla Julien Obituary, Death – Layla Julien, 18, a Minnetonka High School student and dancer has died from brain cancer. Layla was described as an amazing girl, smart, funny, kind, and a really good friend. Layla participates in the Minnetonka Skipperettes fall performance dance team as a member of the team throughout the autumn season. She participates in the competitive dance team known as the Minnetonka Skipperettes during the colder months of the year. In the end, a malignant glioma was determined to be the cause of the high school senior’s symptoms, and this type of tumor cannot be removed from the patient’s body. Convulsions of a less severe nature had occurred in the past for her.

According to an online publication; As a direct consequence of this, each and every one of our hearts has been shattered into a million tiny pieces. I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but a member of our dance community who was a phenomenal dancer, teacher, and friend passed away recently. Our family will miss them dearly. I have to tell you the news despite the fact that it makes my chest feel like it’s going to explode. The significance that Layla held for each of us cannot be adequately captured by any amount of language because there is not enough vocabulary.

She has contributed much toward making the Minnetonka JFK neighborhood a better place to live by working to improve the quality of life there. Because of the fact that it brought us together, I will be eternally thankful to the wonderful world of dance for bringing you and I together. As a result of the fact that it brought us together. We ask that you remember the Julien family in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts as they go through this challenging time. Thank you so much for your consideration of this request. In the interim, we are going to continue the custom of holding dear the memories that Layla has given to us and cherishing them. Love you forever, Layla