Li Wang Obituary, A township woman was killed after colliding with a truck while riding her bike

Li Wang Obituary, Death – The information that was provided by the Prosecutor’s Office in Monmouth County, New Jersey, indicates that a female citizen of the township was riding her bicycle when she became involved in an accident with a truck. The accident occurred in Monmouth County. Her life took a tragic turn after that, and that’s where her story ends. The fatal crash occurred on December 9 before 8:30 in the morning at the intersection of Roller Road and Deal Road, as determined by the authorities who looked into the incident and investigated the issue. The investigation was carried out so that we might learn what had taken place. According to the statements that were made by the police, both the victim, a man named Li Wang who was 62 years old, and the vehicle that was responsible for the accident, a Ford E-350 Econoline box truck, were reportedly stopped at the junction at the same time.

The box truck was the cause of the accident. As soon as the pedestrian light turned green and the driver turned left onto Deal Road, Wang started riding his bicycle across the street at the crosswalk that was constructed particularly for that purpose. He did this as soon as the automobile turned left onto Deal Road. During this time frame, the indicator light that was displayed on the driver’s dashboard started turning green. Wang was allegedly knocked to the ground and flung to the ground approximately 25 yards east of the crossing in Keyport after being hit by a car operated by a man who is 33 years old. This information was provided by the police. The individual who was driving the car was in Keyport. The crosswalk for pedestrians can be situated in the very middle of the intersection. Wang was only able to make it through the first two hours of care she received for her injuries at the hospital that was located nearby before she passed away as a result of them.

The injuries ultimately proved to be fatal for Wang. The driver of the car that was involved in the accident did not receive any injuries as a result of the collision in which they were involved. No one has been served with a summons at this time, and no one has been ordered to appear in court. A woman was killed while riding her bicycle in Ocean Township when she was struck by a truck and killed by the impact of the collision. The accident occurred at an intersection. It would appear that the accident did take place. Please visit the following website for additional details and information: