Lucia Capacchione Obituary, Art therapist and Imagine Contributor Lucia Capacchione has died

Lucia Capacchione Obituary, Death – Making one’s aspirations come true is as easy as a child’s play. This part of your mind and heart is where creative ideas just come to you naturally. It’s where you go to daydream and make elementary school crafts. It’s the atmosphere that creative types like designers and painters thrive in. Find some time and a spot where you may be alone and in peace. You should go there armed with an old poster board, scissors, glue, and periodicals from the past. You will be transported back to the imaginative youngster you were when you were younger, when you played make-believe and explored the possibilities of the world.

Relax and keep a low profile. Ask yourself: “What is it that my real, authentic heart wants at this point in my life?” What am I interested in having happen to me? What do I want my feelings to be? Allow yourself the freedom to pursue your most ambitious goals. The possibilities are endless. Imagine if you had access to a magic wand that can remove any and all roadblocks. Print your Heart’s Desire anyplace on your poster board using the hand that you don’t typically write with (the hand that isn’t your dominant hand). This phrase will serve as your focal point. Create an illustration for your focus phrase using pictures, words, colors, and patterns that you find in magazines. Make a collage on the poster board using the materials provided. Put an image or symbol that represents your creative self in the center of the circle. After that, paint a picture of the events and sensations you desire. This is your dream board right here.

Write with the hand that is not your dominant one to encourage the images to “speak to you.” Make use of a journal or some plain bond paper, as well as a pen, colored markers, or crayons. You can experience feelings of being clumsy, uncomfortable, and immature. That sums up the entire argument. The pathway to the imaginative, right half of your brain is through your “Inner Child.” Example of writing: “I am the beach,” “I am the woman,” and “I am the house.” Take some time out of your day, three times a day, to look at your vision board. Have faith that your vision will one day be realized.

If you find yourself becoming irritated or disappointed, writing in a journal may help. Maintain a daily routine of looking at your vision board. Observe the fulfillment of your deepest wishes. Art therapist, expressive arts therapy pioneer, bestselling author of 23 books (including Recovery of Your Inner Child and Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams), designer of products for Hallmark and Mattel, and former management trainer at Walt Disney Imagineering, Lucia Capacchione now directs Creative Journal Expressive Arts Certification Training and Visioning Coach Training. Her books include Recovery of Your Inner Child and Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams.