Steven Lacombe Obituary, Man killed in Rehoboth crash identified

Steven Lacombe Obituary, Death – An inquiry into the incident that took place on Tuesday afternoon and resulted in the death of a man from Attleboro is still being carried out at this time. The office of the District Attorney for Bristol County, which made this information public, has identified the victim as a man by the name of Steven Lacombe. Lacombe is 54 years old. The office of the district attorney has stated that Lacombe was one of the five passengers in the vehicle that was involved in the accident that occurred on Route 118 in Rehoboth. The accident took place at about 2:30 in the morning. It was at that same moment that the mishap took place. According to the office of the district attorney, emergency personnel were called to the scene of an accident after an employee at Attleboro Rehoboth Building Supply reported that a van had collided with an unoccupied flatbed truck that was parked outside of the establishment.

The accident resulted in injuries to one person, according to the report from the office of the district attorney. It was alleged that the van was involved in a collision with the truck while both vehicles were parked in front of the company. There were a total of six persons inside the van at the time of the event, including the driver, who the District Attorney’s Office in Providence identified as a man in his sixtieth year. The driver was one of the people who was injured during the incident. The driver was one of the six individuals who were hurt as a result of the accident. After the accident, it was discovered that Lacombe had passed away at the scene of the collision. The driver and the other four passengers were taken to the hospital for medical attention, along with the person who had caused the accident. The shocking revelation that the van in question had been used to transport individuals who were under the care of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health was made by the authorities after they conducted additional study into the matter.

These patients had just finished spending the day at their day care facility in Taunton, and now they were making their way back to the group home in Attleboro that they considered to be their “home. The office of the district attorney asserts that the individual who was driving the van has been employed by the state as a livery driver for the past six years. This information comes from the office’s investigation. It is anticipated that the driver, along with the other four passengers, would emerge from the collision in good health. It is now unknown what led the driver to swerve and collide with the flatbed truck in the first place, hence no one has been charged with a crime and no one has been held responsible for the incident. At this point, no one has been charged with a crime, and there are no indications that this will happen.