Marcus Champion Obituary, Jackson County Police Officer Has Died

Marcus Champion Obituary, Death – Marcus Champion of Excelsior Springs, Missouri has passed away. Marcus was a deputy officer at Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. We learn of his passing through a Facebook post; Man… I have been focusing on putting together individual sentences in order to improve my writing. I have not yet been able to successfully put the words together in a coherent sentence. We lost a cop. We have been deprived of a sibling. The fact that we have lost such a remarkable person is, however, the most important thing that has happened.

Marcus Champion was the only student in his own individual class. When I initially arrived at the Nevada Police Department, there were a great number of people whose faces I was not familiar with, not to mention new personnel and a brand-new department… Marcus was the first person to welcome me and ask about how I am doing both physically and mentally. My primary source of humor and the origin of the majority of my laughter was Marcus. It didn’t matter if they were giggling while waiting in line at the housing authority, kicking a ball around with their kids, or going to a call; it was all the same thing.

Marcus has had an impact on the direction that my life has taken in ways that I cannot fully comprehend. He instructed me on many subjects pertaining to the city and the people that lived there, but most significantly, he demonstrated to me how to be a decent human being. The county that is named Jackson. You let go of an outstanding deputy who was working for you. It is very distressing to think about. The legacy that was left behind, on the other hand, is one that is extremely unlikely to ever be repeated again in any form. Ever. Love you man, going gonna miss you.