Matthew Bihn Obituary, Man Found Dead In Navarre Park In East Toledo

Matthew Bihn Obituary, Death – The coroner for Lucas County has determined the identities of two people who passed away earlier this week as a consequence of separate accidents. Both fatalities took place in the current week. After ten o’clock in the morning on Monday, the body of 39-year-old Matthew Bihn was discovered in Navarre Park, which is located in the East Toledo area, according to the information that was provided by the coroner, Dr. Diane Scala-Barnett. Matthew Bihn was found dead. The findings of the toxicological tests as well as the results of any other relevant tests will be taken into consideration before a decision is made regarding the individual’s future.

The presence of a man who was wrapped in blankets prompted the local authorities to be called to the park so that they could investigate the man’s condition. The authorities arrived at the park shortly after receiving the call. Claris Greer, a resident of Northwood, Illinois, passed away at the Mercy Health St. Charles Hospital on Wednesday at 11:53 a.m., and the body of Claris Greer will be subjected to an autopsy after it was brought there. According to Dr. Barnett, who claims that the autopsy is going to take place, this is going to be the case. The autopsy is scheduled to take place on Thursday as that is the day that has been made available.

On November 10 about noon, Mr. Greer was driving his car eastbound on Interstate 475 near Woodley Road when it was hit by another vehicle, veered off the road, and overturned multiple times, according to the report from the coroner. Mr. Greer died as a result of the accident. Mr. Greer did not survive his injuries and passed away as a result. As a consequence of the injuries he sustained, Mr. Greer did not make it through his ordeal and perished tragically. Because it was an earlier model, his car did not come with any built-in airbags because they were not available at the time.