Nina Mason Obituary, Resident of Amarillo, Texas Has Died

Nina Mason Obituary, Death – Nina Lea Mason had reached the age of 73 when she died on December 9, 2022. She had been born in the city of Amarillo, Texas, in the United States. Nina Lea Mason was a local girl who had always called the Lone Star State home. She is left by her family as well as her friends, all of whom will be terribly grieved by her departure and who will value the memories they have of her as well as the times they were able to spend together. She will be greatly missed by all of those who knew and loved her. Because of the intimate connection we had with her, it is incredibly difficult for us to break the news to others that she has passed away.

Please accept our condolences. You are invited to express your condolences to the Mason family by leaving a message in the guestbook that is located on this memorial page. Nina Lea Mason will be missed by those who knew and loved her. This page contains the guestbook for visitors to sign. If you supplied them with feedback, they would really value receiving it from you. You can do so as a way of letting the other person know that they are on your mind and that you are thinking about them. In other words, you can let them know that you are thinking about them.

She accompanied her deceased parents, Billie Ponder and Charlie Gill, as well as her deceased brother, Jody Malone, into the hereafter, and she eventually found out that she was reunited with them there. Jody Malone was her brother. Billie Ponder and Charlie Gill were her parents. In the event that she passes away, her husband, Dwight Mason, along with her children and grandchildren, including Kelseigh Mason (Alexander Follis), Michael Mason, Madyson Mason, Zain Mason, Taylor Mason, Addison Mason, Khloi Dominguez, and Kinsley Mason, will be able to carry on her legacy after she has passed away. Kelseigh Mason (Alexander Follis) is one of her children. Michael Mason, Madyson Mason, Zain