Otoniel Hernandez Obituary, Pedestrian identified after fatal wreck on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, police say

Otoniel Hernandez Obituary, Death – At some point in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a pedestrian in the city of Raleigh was apparently struck and killed by a vehicle. The occurrence happened in the middle of the city. The investigation that was carried out by the Raleigh Police Department revealed that the person had passed away at the scene of the incident a short time after it had taken place. This information was uncovered as a result of the investigation. These findings are consistent with what the department observed during its inquiry, therefore these conclusions make sense. Otoniel Hernandez, 35, was apparently walking northbound on Glenwood Avenue into the path of oncoming traffic when the collision occurred at approximately 8:22 in the morning, according to the statements that were made to the police by witnesses. This is what one can infer from the assertions that were presented earlier.

Because he went into the path of oncoming traffic, which is what ultimately led to him receiving injuries, he was hit by a vehicle, which was the immediate cause of those wounds. The injuries he sustained were not life-threatening. It is believed that Hernandez was hit by the driver of a 2001 Toyota 4 Runner that was approaching the intersection traveling in the opposite way of Hollyridge Drive. The vehicle was coming toward the intersection from the opposite direction of Hollyridge Drive. According to reports, the individual behind the wheel of this vehicle was traveling in the direction of westbound traffic when the incident took place. This is the opposite of the direction in which the collision took place. The relevant authorities were acting in their official capacity when they provided us with this information. Due to the crash, Hernandez sustained injuries. The accident is what caused him to sustain these injuries.

It was the accident that caused him to incur these injuries in the first place. [Case in point] The driver did stay at the scene of the accident after it had taken place, but the police have been unable to identify the driver despite their best efforts. Despite this, the driver remained at the scene of the accident for a considerable amount of time after it had taken place. The motorist who remained at the scene of the collision after it had occurred has not been named by the police since they have been unable to discover who they are. The police are unable to identify the motorist who remained at the scene of the accident after it had occurred. There has been no investigation into this matter, and no criminal complaint has been filed in connection with it as of yet. The collision is the principal focus of an ongoing investigation that is being carried out by the Raleigh police department at this very moment. The investigation was started by the Raleigh police department, and it is still being conducted at this time.