Raymond Leddy Obituary, Lake Wales Man Killed In A Tricycle Crash

Raymond Leddy Obituary, Death – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an investigation into the deadly collision that happened between an automobile and a bicyclist on Wednesday evening. The incident resulted in the death of the bicyclist. The collision resulted in the fatality of the rider. It was approximately 5:50 in the evening when cops from Polk County and personnel from Polk County Fire Rescue were sent to the crossroads of State Route 60 and Myrtle Avenue, as reported by the police. When the authorities got to the scene, they discovered that Lake Wales resident Raymond Leddy, who was 77 years old at the time of their arrival, had already passed away before their arrival.

When Leddy crossed State Route 60 and got into the center turn lane at the median break, the police saw that he was riding a Schwinn trike and pulled over to investigate. After conducting additional research, they came to the conclusion that Leddy had been operating the tricycle during the period in question. In addition to the evidence that was found at the scene, they took into consideration the statements that were offered by witnesses before arriving at their conclusion. Christy Brown, who lives in Lake Wales and is 32 years old, was driving a pickup truck in the outside lane of State Road 60 at the same time as the other incident.

The statements presented by the police indicate that Leddy made a turn onto the westbound lanes and directly into the path of the automobile for reasons that are unknown. This occurred right before the collision. The event took place as the automobile was heading straight at him at the time. When the incident occurred, neither Leddy nor his bike had any kind of reflective lighting, and according to the authorities in Polk County, there were no street lights in the area where the collision took place. Additionally, at the time of the collision, neither Leddy nor his bike had any kind of headlights. Even after approximately three hours had passed since the accident, a section of the road remained impassable as a direct result of the unfortunate occurrence. The statements made by the police indicate that the investigation is still active at this point in time.