Rick Kusar Obituary, Perry, Ohio man killed in fatal car accident

Rick Kusar Obituary, Death – Rick Kusar of Perry, Ohio has died in a fatal car accident on December 15, 2022. Rick was an amazing, caring and loving father and an amazing friend. According to a post on Facebook; My “son,” Rick Kusar, left this world today, and it is with a heavy heart that I give you the news of his passing. A collision occurred which he was a party to. I won’t receive any irregular text messages from him, he won’t drop by for even a minute, and I won’t receive any calls from him simply to find out what’s going on! He has always been thought of as a member of the Boyer family, and this has been the case ever from the beginning of time. No more “Black Friday shopping,” which was the last time I saw him.

There will be none of it again. No more questions from curious individuals about the whereabouts of “father Smurf,” as Dwight referred to him. My family is just attempting to make sense of all that has taken place at this point in time. He is survived by a son and a daughter, and everyone should pray for them as they deal with the loss of their father. Until next time, Rick Beautiful angel, we will never stop loving you, and we will never stop missing you.

The most recent photograph that I have of our good buddy Rick Kusar is one that was taken this past weekend during the hockey game. He was being goofy and thought it would be funny to photo bomb me as I was attempting to snap photographs of the children. Rick was a wonderful father and a wonderful friend to his family. When Jose left for deployment a few years ago, Rick stepped up and took care of my children as if they were his own. We are going to miss him very much, and I will be eternally thankful to him for the friendship he has shown to both Jose and me. This one stings quite a bit.