Rodney Hunter Obituary, Rodney Hunter Has Sadly Passed Away

Rodney Hunter Obituary, Death – Rodney Allan Hunter, who had lived in the Cranbrook region for the bulk of his life and had reached the age of 63 at the time of his demise, passed away on November 10, 2022, at the residence in that community that he had called home for the majority of his life. The information that he will be leaving is being conveyed to the people who are still present with a heavy heart because it will be challenging for all of them. Only Andrew, one of his children and offspring, is still alive and the only one of his children and progeny to have survived him. In addition to this, he is the only one who has survived him (Kerissa).

His grandchildren Roman, Davien, and Kyalee. The man’s son was christened Darcy when he was first brought into the world. Clayton, who is his older brother, is given preference in this circumstance because of his senior status (Sandra). Before Rodney was even conceived, his mother Jessie, father Lawrence, and older brother Robert had all passed away. Rodney was the last surviving member of his family. Rodney was the only one of the four to make it out alive. Rodney was the only member of his family to reach adulthood after he and his siblings passed away.

The request that Rodney has made will not be carried out because he has made it very apparent that he does not want any service, and because of this, the request that he has made will not be carried out. The ceremony to lay him to rest will take place in the spring within the section of the family cemetery that has been set aside especially for him. The location of the ceremony has not yet been determined. There has not been any decision made regarding the venue for the event as of yet. Because of the strong connection that existed between them, his relatives and friends will feel a tremendous feeling of loss upon learning of his passing. This is because of the tight link that existed between them.