Russell Richmond Obituary, Russell Richmond has died at the age of 65 at his home in Garrett

Russell Richmond Obituary, Death – Russell Richmond, who was 65 years old at the time of his death, passed away on December 12, 2022 in the comfort of his home in Garrett, California, surrounded by his family. The cause of his death was heart failure. The failing of his heart was the primary factor in his passing. The biggest contributor to his passing was the deterioration of his cardiac function. On September 17, 1957, he made his debut into the world in Wheeling, West Virginia, which is also the location of his birthplace. Wheeling was also the location at where he made his first appearance into the world. It is likely that his mother, Shirley (Hall) Crabtree, is still alive and residing in the Garrett region. This is a possibility. Even at this late date, she will always be considered a member of our family. At this point in time, the man’s father, Raymond Richmond, had been gone for a sizeable amount of time since he passed away.

Unfortunately, he had to go his separate way. In the beginning of his career, Russell worked in the transportation industry in the state of West Virginia. More specifically, he was a truck driver at the time. During this specific period, he resided at that particular location. At his current place of employment, National Serv-All in Waynedale, where he has been working for the past few decades, he has held the post of Security Guard ever since the turn of the century. His tenure there spans several decades. The deceased were survived by their children, Russell R. Richmond and Lori Richmond, who both reside in Bluffton; five granddaughters; four great-grandchildren; siblings Connie (Ken) Moore and Cindy Ingraffia, who both reside in Garrett; Raymond Richmond and Gina Felix, who all reside in Fort Wayne; and a sister-in-law. At the present moment, Shelly Frye and her husband Kevin have chosen to make Wheeling, West Virginia their place of residence.

After he passes away, all of these people will carry on with their lives in the same manner as before. He was the youngest of his siblings, and his passing came after the deaths of his mother, father, and two of his brothers, Mark Richmond and Vinni Ingraffia, both of whom predeceased him before he left this life. His right-hand man was Vinni Ingraffia, who is now the CEO of the family business and is also his brother-in-law. In remembrance of the individual who passed away, some time in the not too distant future, there will either be a Memorial Service or a Celebration of Life held. Both of these gatherings are going to be hosted in memory of the person who passed away.