Shiyanna Hayes Obituary, Coroner releases identity of 25-year-old mother who was found shot to death in Waukegan

Shiyanna Hayes Obituary, Death – The female victim who was discovered dead from gunshot wounds inside a vehicle on Monday evening in front of a manufacturing business in Waukegan has been identified by the coroner who investigated the shooting event. The autopsy revealed that the woman had died from her wounds. The body of the victim was discovered within the vehicle, which was located in the parking area of the manufacturing company. The deceased body of the victim was discovered inside the vehicle, where it had been for some time before being discovered. The woman was discovered sitting on the driver’s side seat of the vehicle that was parked on the road in front of the business. Inside of the vehicle that was found in front of the manufacturing facility in Waukegan was the victim’s lifeless body, which had been there since the time of the discovery. The deceased body of the victim was found to be inside the vehicle where it had been hidden.

Despite the fact that she had only turned 25 years old at the time she gave birth to her first child, she already had a child by that point in her life. She gave birth to her first child. Jennifer Banek, the county coroner for Lake County, stated that the findings of an autopsy showed that Shiyanna Hayes, who was 25 years old and from Waukegan, died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. Shiyanna Hayes was shot multiple times before she passed away. It was discovered that Hayes had perished away as a result of the injuries she sustained. She went on to mention that the findings of the study revealed that this information was in fact there in the scenario, which she mentioned as an additional point. The body of Shiyanna Hayes, who has been identified as the victim, was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds. She passed away as a result of her injuries. Her death was finally brought on by these wounds.

The Waukegan Fire Department and the Waukegan Police Department responded to the 1900 block of South Waukegan Road in the city of Waukegan, which is located in the state of Illinois, at around 7:37 p.m. on Monday. Waukegan is located in the northwest corner of the state. The city of Waukegan can be found in the far northwestern part of the state. In the very extreme northwestern corner of the state is where you will discover the city of Waukegan. The city of Waukegan can be found in the most remote part of the state’s northwest corner, and it is there that you will find it. Waukegan is the name of both one of the cities that is located in the Waukegan urban area as well as one of the urban regions in the state of Illinois. Waukegan is one of the urban regions in the state of Illinois that has the largest population.