Sue Pape Obituary, Sue Pape Has Sadly Passed Away

Sue Pape Obituary, Death – Sue Anne Pape, a resident of Kingston, New York, passed away on December 13, 2022, at the age of 59 while she was a patient at the Broadway Campus of the HealthAlliance Hospital. Frances (Kemlage) Sikula was her mother’s maiden name, and she gave birth to her daughter on June 6, 1963, in the borough of Queens in the state of New York. Her late father, John Sikula, had already passed away before she was born. Sue Anne held a position at United Health Care, more specifically within the division that was referred to as Network Services. Sue was not only her mother’s primary caregiver but also her mother’s most trusted confidante because of the close relationship they shared.

Her favorite places to go on vacation were Myrtle Beach and Ocean City, both of which were located in South Carolina and featured highly on her list of desirable destinations to visit when she was away from home. Additionally, she enjoyed visiting a variety of beaches. She found a lot of happiness in the holiday tradition of baking cookies for her loved ones, which included her friends, neighbors, and even the mailman. These cookies were for Christmas. She had an unquenchable love for all of her grandchildren, as well as her nieces and nephews and other relatives her children had produced. Only Sue’s stepbrother Randy M. Pape, her stepchildren Michael J. Pape and Amy Lee Pape, and her husband Randy M. Pape will remember Sue after she passes away.

Michael J. Pape and Amy Lee Pape are Sue’s stepchildren. Stepchildren of Katrine Seibel and her husband Christopher, as well as stepchildren of Katrine Seibel and her husband Christopher’s siblings, Thomas Sikula and his wife Tracey, are the Pape stepgrandchildren Preston, Carter, and Brody. Katrine Seibel and her husband Christopher are also the stepparents of the Pape stepgrandchildren Preston, Carter, and Brody. There are also a number of the deceased person’s nieces and nephews who have survived, and their names, in order, are James, Nicole, Jeremy, Jasmine, Brooke, and Josh. These individuals are the deceased person’s nieces and nephews. Her nephew Kenneth Sikula and her niece Danielle both passed away before she did, becoming the third generation of her family to follow in her footsteps after her father and her grandfather.