Tina Copland Obituary, Tina Copland has passed away unexpectedly

Tina Copland Obituary, Death – We are sorry to be the ones to break the news to you, but Tina Copland has unfortunately gone away. She was well-liked and held a high level of respect among all of the residents in our neighborhood. There was no time for us to say our goodbyes to her before we had to depart, and we were really disappointed about that. Please accept our condolences. Tina was the Director of Forensic Interview Services at New Hope up until the month of July, when she was informed that she had a rare form of squamous cell carcinoma that was very aggressive. After that, she resigned from her position as Director of Forensic Interview Services. Since that time, she has been receiving therapy for the disease that she was suffering from. After that, she handed in her resignation to the organization for the position that she had been holding there.

Everyone who knew her will feel a profound sense of loss at her passing due to the fact that she was a brave fighter right up until the very end of her life. This is due to the fact that she lived her life in such a way. Her departure will be mourned in the most heartfelt and profound terms conceivable. Tina served in this capacity for the greater part of sixteen years, during which time she was an essential member of both our staff and our team. During that time, she held this position. Because she feels such compassion for the children that New Hope is able to assist, she has a great connection to those children, and it is this connection that motivates her to want to make sure that the best practices are constantly being followed. She is resolute in her commitment to see to it that this takes place. She devoted her entire life to gathering a vast collection of children’s tales, and as she did so, she gave great consideration to the ethical or philosophical underpinnings of each and every one of the tales she read. She did this so that she would have the opportunity to pass them down to the generations that would follow her.

She was a fantastic friend to her, someone who worked with her, and someone who supported the cause all at the same time. In her memory, may we make it a top priority to give our absolute best effort in everything that we do, irrespective of the nature of the endeavor, so that we can show her the respect that she so justly deserves from us.
We are extremely thankful for the numerous acts of kindness and assistance that have been extended to Tina and her family over the course of the past few months, and we would like to express our appreciation for all of these kind gestures. We are well aware of the fact that they have a very high level of appreciation for us, and the fact that they do not fail to bring this to our attention does not escape us.