Toby Becker Obituary, Manhattan, KS Student Died Of Suicide, GoFundMe

Toby Becker Obituary, Death – Toby Becker of Manhattan, Kansas has passed away on December 13, 2022. Toby died of suicide. We will spend a lifetime remembering a life that was lived gloriously and completely, but we must conclude everything with the funeral services for him. It may seem impossible to do justice to all that he was and is, but with the help of your gifts, we will do everything in our power to demonstrate to him once more how extraordinarily beloved and intensely loved he is. I am aware that all of us have the desire to tell him one last time, but unfortunately, it is not possible.

To the fullest extent conceivable, he was both one thing and everything all at the same time. He was a paradox. Matt, Toby’s cherished father, and Toby, who was a son, have been brought back together again. His mother, Becky, as well as his two younger brothers, Zac and Drew, are still living on this planet. Toby’s absolute favorite name for himself was “Big Brother.” Toby had a wide circle of friends and was a valuable member of many teams. Above all else, he was a lover, and he had a heart so big that it nearly submerged him in emotion.

Death is the process of eradicating everything in the world that is not you. Let us remember Toby for who he was rather than the manner in which he passed away. Let us all take a moment today and every day to reflect on how important it is to tell the people we care about that their lives have value. that they are held in high regard. that they have earned the right to lead a happy and successful life. Toby’s sake.