Tyrone Darling Obituary, Man shot and killed by his babymama in front of their baby in cornerstone Munchies restaurant, Arlington, Texas

Tyrone Darling Obituary, Death – According to information that has made its way to Kossyderrickent, Tyrone Darling has been identified as the man who was killed and shot dead by his babymama in front of their child in the cornerstone Munchies restaurant in Arlington, Texas. (You can learn more here). Following a fatal shooting that occurred in Arlington on Monday afternoon, two people have been taken into custody. Both Chanel Sherrod, age 23, and Tamyiah Williams, age 29, were taken into custody late on Monday night and charged with one count of murder each. It was unclear whether or not they have attorneys representing them. According to the provided information, “His babymama just killed him in front of their baby in Texas.” He was pushing his infant in a stroller behind him as he walked away from Cornerstone Munchies, and babymama was meant to meet him there to pick up their child.

They argued with one other since he was with his girlfriend at the time, and they argued with each other. After that, the baby mama shot him, and then they took the baby, got in the car, and drove away. At approximately 4:45 p.m. on Monday, police in Arlington came to the 1600 block of West Division Street, where they discovered a male who had been fatally shot in the parking lot of a restaurant. The office of the Tarrant County medical examiner referred to him as Tyrone Darling Jr., and said he was 30 years old. According to the police, Williams and Darling had previously been in a relationship, and Sherrod had taken Williams to the spot on that particular day so that Williams could pick up the kid that she and Darling had together. According to the police, an altercation took place during the exchange. According to the police, surveillance footage showed Sherrod getting out of the truck and assaulting Darling, and then Williams shot him after the struggle broke out.

According to the authorities, Sherrod and Williams then fled the scene in a vehicle. The child, whose age was not disclosed, was found to be uninjured and is currently in the care of relatives, according to the police. On Tuesday, Sherrod and Williams were being held in the Arlington jail, and it had not been determined how much bail to set for them. They had a disagreement because he was with his girlfriend and they were with another guy in the group at the same time.