Yoshiko A. Smith Obituary, Louisiana tornadoes leave Mother and son dead, several injured

Yoshiko A. Smith Obituary, Death – Yoshiko A. Smith, age 30, and her son Nikolus Little, age 8, have been identified as the two victims of the tornado that struck Keithville, Louisiana, on December 13, 2022, by the office of the coroner in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. According to reports from the Louisiana Department of Health, the aftermath of the tornadoes that ripped through the state resulted in the deaths of three people. On Wednesday evening, St. Charles Parish was the location of the most recent fatality that was recorded. According to a tweet published by the state Department of Health, a woman who was 56 years old passed away after a tornado “destroyed her house in the Killona area.” The statement also noted that the death raises the overall number of confirmed deaths connected to the storm to three. The body of the woman was discovered outside of her residence, and St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne indicated that authorities have not yet determined the cause of the woman’s death. Champagne stated that a number of more persons are seeking treatment at St. Charles Hospital for injuries that are not considered to be life-threatening as a result of the storm.

St. Charles Parish President Matthew Jewell stated that the authorities believe a tornado made landfall at approximately 2:21 p.m. close to the Nelson Coleman Correctional Facility in Killona. The tornado then went further north into Montz, and preliminary damage inspections suggest that the worst of the damage is in Killona, according to Jewell. The tornado then moved further north toward Montz. Champagne stated that Hurricane Ida had a devastating impact on the local people. “They did not require this once again.” According to Jewell, the storm has caused property damage to the homes of at least 15 to 20 households in the Killona area. The sheriff described the storm that occurred on Wednesday as “horrific and ferocious,” and police are continuing their attempts to search for and rescue people. He said that it seemed as though they never get a break of any kind.

Officials say that a woman and her son, who was 8 years old, were murdered on Tuesday when a tornado ripped through their village in St. Charles Parish. Now, a terrible storm has struck the same parish and claimed more lives. According to the sheriff’s office and the coroner’s office in Caddo Parish, the body of Yoshiko Smith, 30, was discovered beneath debris one street over from her demolished home in Keithville. Her residence was located in Caddo Parish. According to the authorities, the dead body of her son, Nikolus Little, was discovered in a forested area close to their home. According to the findings of the Louisiana Department of Health, both victims died as a result of blunt force trauma. There have been at least 42 reports of tornadoes across the South since Tuesday afternoon, including at least one that claimed a life. As the storm travels eastward on Wednesday night and Thursday, there is a possibility that there will be further tornadoes.

According to Collin Arnold, director of New Orleans Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, on Wednesday, four individuals in the city of New Orleans were injured after a potential tornado touched down along the West Bank of the Mississippi River. Arnold stated that all four people who were hurt were transferred to local hospitals, and that none of the injured were children, and that all of them are currently in stable condition. Arnold stated that damage assessments are still ongoing; however, as a result of the severe winds induced by the storm, there are already multiple power lines that have fallen in Algiers, making it impossible for employees to safely restore power and survey all of the possible damage. It has been reported by authorities in St. Bernard Parish, which is located to the east of the French Quarter, that a tornado touched down in Arabi and caused substantial damage. The extent of the damage was being evaluated by the police and the firefighters.