Dave Adams Obituary, Dave Adams Has Passed Away

Dave Adams Obituary, Death – Mr. David Lee “Dave” Adams was born in Saginaw, Michigan on December 11th, 1952. His parents were Alonzo and Anna Lou (Roberts) Adams. Dave is actually his middle name. On November 30, 2022, he passed away at the age of 69, surrounded by members of his family at the time of his passing. Dave’s devotion to the Lord was so strong that he enrolled in a school that focused solely on the study of the Bible; he had a comprehensive understanding of the book’s contents; and God blessed him with the ability to recite any passage of scripture, along with its corresponding chapter and verse, in response to any situation. Following his retirement from his position with the City of Saginaw, he and his devoted wife, Namuli Adams, opened an Adult Foster Care Home and managed it for a significant amount of time.

Dave was a good example of the human race. He enjoyed cooking, experimenting with unusual foods like turkey knuckles, and eating a wide variety of exotic foods. He was obsessed with all varieties of hot sauce. It didn’t take long for him to achieve widespread notoriety after he was featured in a number of videos uploaded to YouTube by Jaymond Lawson, Jr. He took great pleasure in a variety of pastimes, including fishing, playing chess, getting dressed up, going to church, listening to music, and spending time with his family and friends.

His legacy will be carried on by his children Umqokozo (Tomekia) Lawson, Jaymond Lawson, Sr., and Terrance (Miracle) Adams; his grandchildren Jaymond Lawson, Jr., Jay’Mya Lawson, Brianna Williams, Ada’Seny, Qui’Netric Lawson, Khole’i Sherman, Terrance Adams, Jr., Trevon Morris, Quin’tasia Nevitt, Sentoya Walker, and Cedric Douglas Adams and Marie Roundtree were two of Dave’s siblings who passed away before him, along with his parents, Alonzo and Anna Lou (Roberts) Lawson; his uncles Elijah, Ben, and Theatic Roberts; his aunt Pearl Walker; his mother and father-in-law, Evelyn and Willie Lawson, Jr.; his brothers-in-law, Tryone and Larry Lawson; his sister-in-law, Jackie Lawson; and special friends, Ricky