Dino Danelli Obituary, Drummer for The Rascals, Dies at the age of 78

Dino Danelli Obituary, Death -At the age of 78, Dino Danelli passed away. He was the drummer for the Rascals and played on songs such as “Good Lovin’,” “Groovin’,” “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long,” and “People Got to Be Free.” On Danelli’s passing, Rascals co-founder Gene Cornish made the announcement on Facebook. My brother had the most impressive drumming skills I’d ever seen. I’m heartbroken. ” Dino, may you finally rest in peace. Brother, I will miss you. On Danelli’s Facebook page, Joe Russo wrote, “Our dearly departed Dino passed away today.” “In the future, I’ll elaborate further on his incredible talent and share his life experiences along with our own as friends and coworkers. I really hope that you will never stop recognizing and appreciating his incredible talent. Thank you for assisting him in his professional endeavors. You were an important factor in his development as a musician and an artist.

A member of Billy Joel’s band, drummer Liberty Devitto, said of Joel, “He was my inspiration and a dear friend.” Dino Danelli, rest in peace. Danelli, who was born and raised in Jersey City, co-founded The Rascals in 1964 along with Cornish, Felix Cavaliere, and Eddie Brigati. Their first appearance was in Garfield’s Choo Choo Club. In 1966, they had their first song to reach No. 1 with “Good Lovin’.” Occasionally referred to as the blue-eyed soul. After remaining a member of the band until 1972, Danelli went on to become a member of Steven Van Zandt’s Disciples of Soul. Rascals reunion shows were held in 2012 and 2013, one of which was “Once Upon a Dream” on Broadway. He participated in these shows. Van Zandt collaborated with other directors and producers on the production of the show, which detailed the history of the band.

In 1997, Van Zandt was quoted as saying that “The Rascals were the world’s first rock band.” There were vocal groups and soloists active in the 1950s. During the 1960s, a vocal group known as the Beach Boys was popular on the West Coast. The Byrds were also quite successful, but Roger McGuinn released the group’s debut album under his own name. Indeed, there were some Englishmen who were very loud. The Rascals were the first band to form in New Jersey, which at the time was the epicenter of everything. Van Zandt called Danelli “the greatest rock drummer ever”