Donald Peterman Obituary, Lebanon man in crash dies weeks after wife killed in same collision

Donald Peterman Obituary, Death – A statement was issued on Thursday by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office indicating that a second person had been killed as a result of an accident that occurred roughly a month ago at a rural intersection close to Lebanon. The statement also indicated that the accident was caused by a vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed. The incident happened in the immediate vicinity. The incident occurred at a time that was somewhat close to when the announcement was made. The accident that finally led to the catastrophe was caused by a collision between two autos, which in turn resulted in the accident. The officer continued by stating that they found out on Wednesday that 75-year-old Donald Peterman Jr. had passed away as a direct result of the accident that had occurred on November 20. This information was provided by the officer. The officer stated that they were successful in acquiring this information.

According to the police, their investigation was fruitful in the sense that they were able to gather the aforementioned information. His wife Teresa Peterson, who was 64 years old at the time, was his companion during the time period that is the subject of this inquiry. It was determined that she had died at the scene of the accident since her corpse was found there in a stage of decay that was consistent with death. The collision ended up happening. The driver, identified as Morgan Zink, 28, of Georgetown, Kentucky, is accused of disobeying a stop sign at the intersection of county roads 500 East and 100 North, which led to a collision with the Ford Escape SUV that was carrying the Peterman family, who were from Lebanon. The accident resulted in the death of all five occupants of the Peterman family. The city of Georgetown is where Zink calls home. All five members of the Peterman family, who were traveling in the vehicle at the time of the tragedy, were killed as a result of the collision. Zink currently resides in Georgetown, District of Columbia, on a permanent basis. To the east of Lebanon, you will locate the crossroads around four kilometers (about three miles) away.

According to the information that was provided by the office, Donald sustained injuries that were initially evaluated as not being life-threatening; however, he subsequently acquired complications that ultimately led to him passing away. Despite this, Donald did sustain injuries that were initially evaluated as not being life-threatening. Accordingly, Donald’s passing was due to the issues that arose from this situation. An overview of the information that was provided by the office can be found as follows: According to the statement that was issued by the sheriff’s office, the investigation into the events that took place before the collision does not appear to have been completed as of yet. This is indicated by the fact that the statement was issued. Any information regarding any arrests that have been made has not been made public, and it has not been made public that any information regarding any arrests that have been made has been made public.