Edward Hill Obituary, Boynton Beach Florida, Edward Hill Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Edward Hill Obituary, Death – Edward Hill of Boynton Beach, Florida has unexpectedly passed away. Edward was born in the Canadian province of Manitoba, specifically in the city of Winnipeg. Ed is survived by his wife Betty, sons Ted and Wes, both of whom are married to Deborah, grandchildren Briah, Garrick, Tegan, and Emerson, and a great-granddaughter called Hannah. Ed is also survived by a great-granddaughter named Emerson. When Ed was six years old, his family uprooted and relocated to British Columbia. Accompanying them were his parents, Edward and Cora, and his older brother, Keith. Before moving to New Westminster, the family lived in both Hope and Langley. Eventually, they settled in New Westminster.

In the beginning, he took care of his family in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Later on, however, he moved them to the southeast corner of Saskatchewan so that they might be closer to the family homestead. While Ed was still in his teens, he caught the “vehicle bug,” and by the time he was an adult, automobiles had become his primary interest. Because he had such a strong affinity for automobiles throughout his life, he amassed a sizable collection of them. The championship trophy that he won while driving one of his autos in a race was the source of the most satisfaction for him.

Ed also developed a love for woodworking and fixing things, both of which he was happy to pass on to his sons as pastimes they could pursue together (and later his grandchildren). It was amazing how many things he could put right with his handyman skills. Ed was a quiet and reticent person who kept to himself and rarely engaged in conversation. He had a strong interest in going to uncharted territories, so it came as a bit of a shock to him when he discovered how entertaining a cruise vacation could be.

Over the course of the past three decades, Ed and Betty have spent the majority of their winters in Arizona, where they have taken advantage of the state’s generally milder climate and where they have made a sizable number of friends. The Beaver Dam RV Property and Golf Course, which was also the name of the park, was where they stayed for the longest amount of time during their most recent trip. Over the course of the previous twenty years, these summers have been spent residing and, on occasion, working in RV parks in Southern Alberta.