Gabe Strathern Obituary, Chapel Hill NC, Former Wildcat Varsity Basket Ball player dies

Gabe Strathern Obituary, Death – Gabe Strathern of Chapel Hill, North Carolina has unexpectedly passed away on December 14, 2022. He died in a in a workplace accident. Gabe attended East Chapel Hill High School. He was a graduate and alumni of Wildcat Varsity Basket Ball. We learned of Gabe Strathern’s passing through a social media post; Former Wildcats men’s basketball players – I’m sorry to be the bearer of such depressing news. Gabe Strathern, a 2011 graduate, died tragically unexpectedly on December 14th, 2011, as a consequence of a fatal workplace accident. Gabe was a beautiful person; he was a single parent raising a son he loved more than anything else in the world.

All of us at Bright Side would appreciate your prayers for his family during this tough and worrisome time. Gabe will be remembered as a human highlight by his colleagues and fans of that squad because he produced some of the most thrilling finishes seen at any level. Regardless of the competition, this is true. RIH Gabe… Heaven has just been graced with the company of an incredible pal. Gabe Strathern was one of the persons I relied on the most as a friend during the years that spanned the end of my high school career and the start of my college career.

If we weren’t going to a basketball court to play some hoops, I would pick him up and put him in all kinds of absurd scenarios. We had lost communication with one another owing to a variety of events, which I will not go into greater detail here. Other than sending him the occasional text message here and there, I hadn’t kept in touch with him as frequently as I should have, especially given how much I cared about him. At this point, I have no choice except to lament the amount of time that has been lost; it is all I can do. I’ve reached a point where I can no longer keep up with him.

I can’t ask him how his life is doing or what important steps he has taken recently since I can’t interact with him. He was taken far too soon. If you are hesitant to contact someone, my recommendation is to go ahead and create the connection anyhow. It is critical not to waste time because there is no way to reclaim it after it has past. You are the equivalent of a brother to me, and I adore you. I’m sorry for the many years we’ve wasted by not being together. It’s difficult for me to understand that you’ve already gone.