Greenham Michael Obituary, Todd Michael Greenham has passed away unexpectedly

Greenham Michael Obituary, Death – Mr. Todd Michael Greenham 15 November 1966 – 25 March 2018 We share Todd Michael Greenham’s untimely departure at the early age of 51 with deep sadness. He was Laurie Greenham (Sanderssoul )’s partner, a devoted spouse of 25 years, and the father to Kayla and Dylan, who will carry on his legacy. Son of Don Greenham (Lynda) and Sharon Campbell, who have always shown him love and support, as well as the adored son-in-law of Dave and Liz Sanders. beloved brother of Blair Greenham and Jennifer Bone (Dave) (Natasha). Robbie Campbell, Cathy Bauer (Barry), Kevin Byrne (Maria), and Sean Byrne all consider him their stepbrother. many loved ones’ nephew and cousin. Along with his many lifetime friends, Todd also leaves behind a host of coworkers, neighbors, and members of the hockey community who will miss his zest for life. On Saturday, March 31st, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., there will be a visitation and service at the Brampton Funeral Home, located at 10061 Chinguacousy Road in Brampton. At 1, a ceremony will be held in the Chapel, followed by a reception. If you’d like to donate in lieu of flowers, you can do so to The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada or Canadian Tire Jump Start for Kids.

Published on March 29, 2018 by Toronto Star. Feb 22 2022. Today, a memory from 2016 surfaced on my Facebook, and I wanted to tell him about it. Eight years ago yesterday, Todd and I had attended Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton’s concert at the ACC. Todd hired me to manage the Peterborough Rexall Drugs store. Todd was a great boss because he provided constant encouragement and was the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back. Even though we both understood the firm we worked for was probably one of the worst we could imagine, he encouraged me to be the best I could be. He had notified me via email that his superiors would be visiting my store that day to see if they could agitate me into disobedience so they could terminate me without justification. Todd advised me to be calm and to keep in mind that I was a great boss. Stay composed, he said, and know that I had him on my side.

We had lost contact, so I went to look for Todd. I came upon a buddy of his posting a picture of Todd and writing, “Todd will be sadly missed.” I searched Google after being shocked, and it brought up this obituary. I am heartbroken for his wife and children since I had no idea. I’ll never forget this man’s commitment and his enormous heart. Despite the fact that I never got the opportunity to meet his children, he would have made a wonderful parent. He frequently discussed them, always with a proud expression on his face. He cherished his wife dearly and delighted in reminiscing about the good times they shared together. He said he wishes this day had never arrived when he came to fire me on May 10, 2010. Because you failed to do the impossible and make that store profitable, the company wants to replace you. Until it was surrounded by additional homes, the store would always be in the red because it had so few prescription customers.

It fought against a very well-established Shoppers that had serviced prescription consumers in that end of the city for more than 50 years. It was situated on the outskirts of the city in a mall without a strong anchor. We just were unable to compete as a new store. We had a terrific team, a lovely, well-stocked store, a kind and welcoming pharmacist, and great employees. Todd gave me a hug that final day and sent me a fantastic letter of recommendation. He was a trustworthy individual. In an effort to get me to lose my cool or raise my voice, he had sent me an email informing me of the impending visit from his superiors. This email ended up costing him his job. He said that his superiors beat him up for issuing that warning. Instead of letting me go without a reason and at no expense to them, it obliged them to pay me out. He was eventually fired two months later, in part because he wouldn’t let his bosses reprimand someone whose sole mistake was accepting a job in an upside-down position in a store. Todd is someone I will always remember as being honest, funny, and genuinely concerned about the people who worked so hard for him. He was a boss you couldn’t help but be friends with since he was quick with a beer and a joke. I hope Laurie Greenham, his wife, and their children ultimately learn about this.