Israel Lugo Obituary, Vermont State Police Identify Victim St. Johnsbury In Homicide

Israel Lugo Obituary, Death – The Vermont State Police have made public the identity of the man whose body was found inside an apartment in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, on Wednesday. The body was found inside the apartment on Wednesday. It was determined that a gunshot wound to the torso was the official cause of death, and the victim was identified as Israel Jimenez Lugo, who was 49 years old and lived in the apartment on Hastings Street. The investigation is being carried out in the same manner as if it were an investigation into a murder. There is no information that can be found at this time regarding whether or not the police have any suspects in connection with Lugo’s death.

A caller informed the St. Johnsbury Police Department that a person may have been shot inside the residence at approximately 9:45 in the morning. This information prompted the department to conduct a welfare check at the location in order to make sure that the victim was okay. When the police came, they discovered Lugo’s lifeless body inside an apartment that was located on a higher floor. NBC5 was told by a neighbor who did not wish to be identified that there had been drug sales in the past at one of the apartments located at the address; however, the neighbor did not wish to be recognized.

NBC5 was told this information by a neighbor who did not wish to be identified. Major Dan Trudeau of the Vermont State Police has stated that the apartment complex in issue has a history of previous police activity and arrests at the location. However, he was unable to clarify whether or not they believe that narcotics played a role in the conduct of this crime. He stated that this was due to the fact that he was unable to obtain the information.