Jacqueline Fry Obituary, SWG Staff Member Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Jacqueline Fry Obituary, Death – On December 10th, 2022, a member of the SWG team who went by the name of Jacqueline Fry passed away unexpectedly in a manner that was both heartbreaking and unexpected. Since the year 2017, Jacquie has been working for the SWG in the function of Financial Manager of Accounts, which she has held since that time. As part of the responsibilities that come with holding this position, she is the one who oversees the organization’s financial management. Her employees held a high regard for her and thought very highly of her as a result of the significant contributions she made to the general success of the group.

We are going to miss her quiet persistence, her sardonic sense of humor, and most of all, her company the most.  These are the aspects of her that we will miss the most. After she is gone, we won’t be able to recreate her in quite the same way without these qualities and characteristics of hers. She was an employee who was always willing to provide a helping hand, and the rest of us at the company were very fortunate to have her because she was always willing to do so.
Rest in Peace, Jacquie.

Prior to her passing, Jacquie’s last request was that she be buried with all the respect due to a person of her stature and that a funeral service be given in her honor. As an immediate and unavoidable consequence of this, there won’t be any more. Because the passing of our financial manager has put us in a horrible situation, we would be extremely appreciate if you could be patient with us while we process any payments that are still overdue. The passing of our financial manager has put us in a terrible predicament. As a direct result of his passing, we are going through a trying period right now.