Jan Huber Obituary, Pioneers’ Cemetery Association mourn the passing of Jan Huber

Jan Huber Obituary, Death – The news that Dr. Jan D. Huber had gone away was brought to the attention of PCA on December 5th, which has led to all of us here to be in a state of deep and profound melancholy as a result of this news. Everyone who knew Jan will remember him as someone who held the study of military history in the greatest regard. This trait will be one of the things that people most associate with Jan. This trait of Jan’s will be etched in their memories for the rest of their lives. Early on, he was a significant contributor to the process of identifying soldiers who were buried in our cemeteries and assisted with the retrieval of the veterans’ military service documents. In addition, he was crucial in the process of relocating the veterans’ military service records. In addition to this, he was quite helpful in retrieving their military service records, which was a process that took some time.

In addition to that, he was successful in locating some of the servicemen’s personal belongings that they had brought with them. In addition to this, he was beneficial in the process of creating ties with the families of the fighters, which was a vital component of the mission. Jan was an individual who was highly loved and respected by everyone who was present, and he was one of the people who offered their time as a part of the group of people who did so. There is a good chance that Jan’s performance as the bugler at our Memorial Day Ceremonies has been seared into the memories of the great majority of you from all of the years that have passed. An key recall to have at this point is that Jan was a member of multiple groups, one of which was the Sons of the American Revolution, and the other was the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War. Both of these associations were vital to Jan. Jan felt a strong connection to both of these communities and organizations.

Jan was a member of a variety of groups, each of which contributed to the formation of an unforgettable memory at this moment in time. RIP Jan. You will never be removed from the annals of history, as Virgil writes in his poem titled “No Day Shall Erase You From the Memory of Time,” since there is not a single day that will ever be able to do so.