Jeannie Burns Obituary, WI, Jeannie Burns Has Passed Away

Jeannie Burns Obituary, Death – Jeanne Marie Babbitt Burns, the love of my life and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, passed away on December 13th. I must break the news to you with the heaviest of hearts, but she has passed away. Your smile, Mom, brought a radiance to every nook and cranny. Everyone else caught your infectious laugh right away. You possessed a heart made of solid gold. Everyone who had the honor of knowing you can attest to the fact that you were the nicest, kindest, and most caring individual imaginable, and this trait of yours will be something that people will always remember about you. This is something that will live on in infamy.

The fact that we were unable to find you are starting to feel like a bad dream. My mind is having a hard time processing the idea that we won’t be able to see you on a daily basis going forward.
Each and every day, we will continue to reflect on how much we miss you and how much you were treasured by so many people, and we will always remember how much we loved you and how much you were admired. On the day that you left, God was visited by an Angel for the first time. You were the most amazing mother to me, Geoff, Rob, and Lauren. You were also the most devoted GiGi to William, Alexander, and Thomas. Finally, you were the best wife that anyone could have asked for.

I can only imagine how relieved your mother and father are to finally be holding you again now that you are with your mother and father. You are currently with them. I promise that until the day that we can be with one another once more, I won’t stop thinking about you or looking for you in my dreams. You are loved by each and every person. During this trying time, we would like to take a moment to show our appreciation to everyone who has reached out to us with encouraging words. Your support has been an incredible source of comfort during this difficult time.
We will let you know the date of her celebration of life in a short amount of time, and we will continue to keep you up to date with any relevant information.