John Clegg Obituary, John Clegg Has Sadly Passed Away

John Clegg Obituary, Death – This memorial is being posted today in memory of our cherished brother John Matthew Clegg. John suffered a very sudden illness, and he went away on Tuesday, December 13. His remaining four adored sisters are grieved by his passing, but John is with our cherished mother Barbara, and that gives us peace. His uncles Terry Blomgren and Richard Hayes served as John’s childhood heroes. He favored the appearance of his Grandpa Carl Blomgren, whom he also admired and loved. John recently turned 58 on November 13,2022. John’s life was difficult from the beginning to the very end. Meeting him would make you never suspect that, though! He always gave everyone a warm greeting with his gorgeous smile and bright blue eyes.

Only those he hadn’t met yet were strangers to John. He was a very diligent worker who put God and his family first in everything. John had a heart of gold, which doesn’t even begin to define his compassion for others. John would and frequently did give away his last things to people he perceived as less fortunate. John was a tall, lanky Southern gentleman with a young man’s free spirit and compassionate heart. John made poor choices as a young guy and was lost for a long time. He attempted to live a sober life and atone for his previous decisions for the rest of his life. Even though he had so little himself, he made it his life’s aim to give to others every day. Each of John’s four sisters was the subject of a very unique and personal relationship. He was our beloved, sweet, and wonderful great big brother, and we shall miss him often.

There won’t be a funeral or a memorial service. The sole written tribute to this excellent man’s life will be in this post. We wanted to show our John the love and respect he deserved as his remaining family. The man was decent. He was a guy of integrity, decency, and compassion, and we were happy to have him as a brother.
After that, hold them even closer. Whether connected by blood, love, or both, family is everything. Please let them know you adore them at any chance you get. Both showing and saying it are insufficient.