July Munoz Obituary, San Francisco Bay Area CA July Munoz Has Passed Away

┬áJuly Munoz Obituary, Death – On December 22, July Muoz passed away unexpectedly, which caught everyone off guard. Her passing was unexpected by everyone. Her departure from this world occurred much too early in my opinion. It is difficult for me to put all of my feelings into words in order to express how much I loved her because my heart is so heavy. However, I will try my best. I really wish I could tell her how much I adore her, but there is no way around the fact that I just can’t. Despite this, I am resolved to carry it out because I do not want her to be unaware of how much I adore her. Macha was without a doubt the most wonderful friend I’ve ever had, and I have no reason to believe that will change for the rest of my life. This will remain the same in the not-too-distant future. It is going to be very challenging for me to adjust to the idea that I won’t be able to see her every day.

She exhorted everyone to “Celebrate Life!” On December 22nd, at @curiobarsf, there will be a public celebration and going-away party in honor of July Muoz. – A Tribute to July Muoz The phrase “She Said: Celebrate Life!” will serve as the rallying cry for the gathering. The event will be organized by members of July’s “chosen family,” who have volunteered their services. The celebrations are scheduled to start at nine in the evening and continue until one in the morning. Candidates can now submit their applications through the @horizonsfoundation account for a brand-new scholarship that has been given the name “July Muoz Spirit Award.” It would be fantastic if you could make a contribution to the “July Muoz Spirit Award,” which is named after her. Her name was given to the award.

Everyone who wishes to celebrate July’s life and acknowledge the positive impact she had on the world is welcome to make a donation to this memorial fund. If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so by following the link that I have provided for you in the citation that I have provided for you. Then, in the section of the form labeled “Additional Information,” please specify that the funds are being contributed to the “July Muoz Spirit Award.” Please accept my sincere gratitude.