Kenneth Harpe Obituary, Kenneth Harpe Has Passed Away

Kenneth Harpe Obituary, Death – Mr. Kenneth Vernon Harp, who had reached the age of 84 before passing away on Monday, August 29, 2022, had a long and fruitful life. He had been experiencing health problems for some time. On January 23, 1938, he was born in Forsyth County to Henry Edward Harp, Sr., and Rosetta Weaver Harp, both of whom have since passed away. His parents’ names at the time of his birth were Henry Edward Harp, Jr. and Rosetta Weaver Harp. At this point, neither of his parents is still with us due to their passing. Due to the fact that both of his parents have passed away by this point, neither of his parents is here with us.

Kenneth decided to enlist in the United States Air Force (USAF) in order to achieve one of the lifelong goals he had always wanted to accomplish, which was to work in the aviation maintenance industry. At the same time, he wanted to serve his country. When he reached the end of his career, he retired from the City of Winston-Salem, where he had worked as a mechanic for the entirety of his working life. He had been with the city for the entirety of his working life. He had spent all of his years in the workforce there at that point in his career. Irene Branch Harp, their daughter Aleisha Toliver, and their son Mike Willard all passed away before he did.

His wife was also named Irene Branch Harp. Kenneth was the only member of his family to have survived to adulthood. In addition to this, he was predeceased by two brothers and one sister. Because Kenneth’s spouse also passed away before Kenneth did, this means that all three of Kenneth’s relatives have now passed away before he did. Kenneth’s parents were the first of Kenneth’s relatives to pass away. His descendants can be broken down as follows: three of his children, seven of his grandchildren, thirteen of his great-grandchildren, and seven of his great-great-grandchildren are still alive and well today. The only members of his progeny to reach adulthood are his great-great-grandchildren and great-great-great-great-grandchildren.