Megan Pfautz Obituary, Longtime Southampton, New York Resident Has Died

Megan Pfautz Obituary, Death – Megan Pfautz of Southampton, New York has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. She was a young lady who had a heart that was extraordinarily charitable and generous. Because fishing was one of her greatest passions, she spent the most of her time out at sea. They were very close to one another, and my daughter Lauren thought of her as a friend. Lauren was completely heartbroken by the passing of Megan, and ever since then, she has maintained communication with me. Because of this, I have the utmost respect for her.

Because she had such a profound love for them, my heart hurts not only for her parents but also for everyone else who has loved her and who will continue to love her after her passing. When you made the change, I have no doubt that Lauren was there to offer you support and encouragement. Yesterday was the moment that Megan most recently changed her status on Facebook. She was dismayed to learn that her illness would prevent her from going fishing since she had been looking forward to the experience. She left not too much longer after the event had transpired.
Get some rest, Megan. You will be greatly missed, and we promise that you will not be forgotten.

My most sincere condolences go out to Megan Pfautz’s family and friends, with special thoughts going out to everyone who was involved in the production of the Hampton Lady. Megan was not only a remarkable person but also a remarkable fisherwoman. She had a passion for the outdoors. I pray that you, Megan, will at long last discover comfort and tranquility, and that you will be able to bring in plenty of double-digit flounder, seabass, and blackfish in heaven. Heaven, if only you could save some of that deliciousness for us though… Girl, I pray that you are finally able to find the tranquility you seek in the knowledge that you will be greatly missed.